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1978- (American Hot wax) performed Rock N Roll is here to stay with the Planotones

1978-(Different Strokes)-performed the song Different Strokes theme song with Brenda Russell and Arnold McCuller

1980-(Hollywood Knights)-co-wrote and performed Hollywood-knights song

sang the main song in the movie "Success"

1983- (Scarface) Performed the song Success

1983-(Staying Alive) co-wrote Never Gonna Give you up, Moody Girl, I Hope we never Change and sang The Winning End

1983-(Flashdance) Performed Lady,Lady, Lady

1983-(DC Cab)-sang backgrounds

1983-(Dr Detroit)- sang backgrounds

1984-(Thief of Hearts) Performed Duet with Beth Anderson Imagine way beyond Fear

1984-(Karate Kid)-performed You’re the Best Around

1985-(Rocky 4)-co-wrote Hearts on Fire

1985-(Weird Science)- sang backgrounds

1986-(Ferris Buellers day off) sang backgrounds

1987-(Planes,Trains & Automobiles)- sang backgrounds

1988-(Coming to America)-performed duet with Laura Brannigan “Come into my Life”